Group Companies

Since its inception, Jusema UAB has grown into four companies operating in three countries and transporting cargo across Europe and Eastern countries such as Kazakhstan and others.

We specialise in temperature-controlled cargo. We also have a fleet of standard semi trailers. Contact us if you need to transport goods between East and West, or if you need to move goods across the European Union.


UAB "Jusema"

Registration No. 304586414

VAT number: LT100011225213

Pakalnės g. 15, Dainava, LT-20287 Ukmergės r.

  +370 673 42610



г. Нур-Султан, ул.Жетыген,28а БИН

БИН 140740014042

ИКК KZ858560000006677301

+370 672 20363


ООО «Джи Эль Транс»

236022, Калининградская обл.,

г. Калининград, пр-кт Мира, 33/35

ИНН/КПП 3901010271/390601001

ОГРН 1073913001040


UAB "Jusema Logistics"

Įmonės kodas: 305540149

PVM kodas: LT100013172018

Pakalnės g. 15, Dainava, LT-20287 Ukmergės r.

  +370 677 67323

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